Learn about our history and why you should choose us.

Why choose us?

Farmer's Mutual Insurance Company of Noble County was chartered in the state of Indiana in 1892, to serve the farming community which was not being done by the national companies of that time. As more and more people borrowed money to finance their farming operations, it became evident that mortgage companies needed to protect their investment, so Farmer's Mutual filled that void.

As time has passed, we have updated and tried to keep our policies in line with other larger companies. In most cases, we offer the same if not more coverage as the "big" companies. Our area of operation is in Northeast Indiana, North Central Indiana. Although we are chartered to sell anywhere in Indiana, we have chosen to stay out of the Indianapolis market.

We have over 22 agencies in the State of Indiana. All of our agents are independent agents which means that they will find the best possible coverage for you without being tied to one company.

Board of Directors

  • Harold Troyer - President
  • Martin Huelsenbeck - Vice President
  • Ivan Dressler - Secretary
  • Bill Ley - Treasurer
  • Don Norden - Member
  • Craig Bender - Member
  • Jim Kiester- Member/Manager